On the move once more!

It’s been a drag cooped up at home after so many weeks in France!

Baby sitting for a while at the daughters house while they swanned off to New York. Followed by a DIY frenzy …

First was the patio,  front and back paths jet washed – only been waiting for 10 years! There are red paving stones in the pathway! Then pointing the front pathway slabs, a task that just takes hours because it is so fiddly to keep neat. After that fun, there was plastering the area around the boiler flue and old pipeway boxes – just 5 years in waiting. Managed to keep the plaster flowing for ages by several pre-coats of PVA to stop the water being sucked away, but the area didn’t allow for that long sweep of the trowel so hard to keep neat.  In the end a smooth job that now needs painting. That’s a job for next week.

French lessons are going well and as most are complete beginners I am the class swot! The teacher (an Albanian! who studied in France for years) even thinks my accent is quite good – Lauren Pearl Jelley take note!

This week we have got away to Brighton and are at the Caravan Club site just north of the Brighton Marina. It’s a large site that is always nearly full of oldies like Jasmin and I.

The Rig

A long while ago some enterprising ex-Royal Signaller had produced some decals that could be stuck on ‘things’.  The decay references ex-7 Signal Regiment (was based in Herford, Germany) which provided the communications for 1 BR Corp during the Cold War. While, as some jerk pointed out (I’ve done well not to take a more offensive stab on FB at aforementioned jerk), the ‘spear’ icon that the official 7 Sigs ‘flag’ had isn’t on them, that’s not the point. Anyone seeing this decal will know, 1) I’m an ex-Signaller and 2) I was at 7 Sigs during my Service. Small rant over!

RS Decal

First full day was ‘out for a walk’, so had a look at the map and off we went …

Coast View from Balsdean Reservoir

It’s always a good walk if you pass a windmill! Just the other side of this windmill is the A259 coast road and the sea.

It turned out to be nearly 12 miles of a walk, so tired legs for Jasmin!

Wildlife watch …

Also found this fine fellow (Ocypus olens) …

Devil’s Coach-horse Beetle

When threatened they curl their abdomen up (aka Scorpion) and open their mandibles to look fierce … he he. They don’t sting, but just beware the ‘jaws’ which can latch on to human skin.

Today was a cycle ride along the coast.  Cycled down to the Marina, turned right and kept going until the harbour at Shoreham-by-Sea.  This is also the major footpath route known as the ‘Monarch’s Way’.  The path stops there because of the inlet to the harbour. (I recall in the days of ‘foot and mouth’ and being banned from the countryside we did many coastal walks – turn around and find the bridge into town to get around the inlet).  Cycled back for a meander up the remaining Pier before continuing East.

Brighton Pier

Brighton council have created the ‘Undercliff Walk’ which runs from Madeira Drive (by the Pier) to Saltdean. It was part of our walking route yesterday, when the quiet fierce wind was blowing sea-spray over the wall, but today protected us from the much lighter breeze. It was hot in the sun!

Undercliff Walk is not really a ‘pathway’, but is the sea wall – protection for the cliffs from the sea.

Undercliff Walk
More Undercliff Walk


The cliffs stretch from Brighton and eventually join the ‘more famous’ cliffs of Beachy Head etc. There aren’t many places in Europe where Ice Age (that is about 250,000 years ago) cliffs are exposed.

Some Geology …

While the majority of the cliffs are white, which is because they are mainly Calcium Carbonate from the shells of molluscs, there are layers of flint and bands of a dark material. The flint and brown sediments were washed down the Whitehawk Valley during periods of global warming.

Black Rock Cliffs Geology

All in all, a lovely day out with more tired legs as we cycled about 20 miles!

The Sun was shining!

Au revoir! À bientôt!