Check Willy-Willy!!

A story that I’ve been planning to do for a while, but just kept forgetting to take the photo. I’m not sure if Her Majesty’s British Aquitaine subjects understand the delicate balance we have between Victorian and current decorum standards, but I’m NOT sticking it in there!!!

Check what?

So we arrived in Aire de Camping Car-parks Seignosse yesterday morning, timed with the arrival of hot, sunny weather again.  It’s difficult being a Master of Planning 🙂 Can I get letters after my name? I was apprehensive about this Aire and as previously mentioned changed how long I was staying here from 2 weeks to 5 days. Great location, but can park up to 110 motorhomes with only power outlets for 48 and each time I checked, there were always more than that number on-site.  As I said before M of P ( Mr. Paul Thompson MoP – looks good!) because as we arrived on a Friday morning I found a spot with power. It was a bit tricky to maneuver into, as the front of the pitch is very, very soft sand and judging by the wheel ruts people have become stuck before. It is a lovely location in a pine forest and like some of the other Camping Car-parks that we have come across on this trip, no organised layout, people park anywhere. So I can’t go forwards to leave because of the sand and someone had parked directly behind me.  Awkward, but he’s left already, so fingers crossed.

I am parked next to the Camping car-parks ‘Ambassador’ who I dislike already for two reasons.  1) He reserves power outlets for his mates and 2) He left at 0600 hours this morning after banging in his pegs to mark out his spot. Not impressed!!

Seignosse Camping Car-park

Small shower during the night, which is the best time to have them, so dried by the morning. Up early’ish and cycled off to find Hossegor Lac  …

Hossegor Lac

Then we were en route to Hossegor centre-ville so Jasmin could see what we couldn’t afford in the shops. It is a surfers town with all the major names like Billabong, Roxy, Quicksilver etc all charging premium prices. All I want to buy is a Surf Board when I’m here, so maximum restraint is in order. There is an Outlet Store area nearby where you can get substantial sale discounts for these makes – that’s where all my Billabong board shorts come from!

After a quick look around the Town we headed off to the beach a short distance away. Much the same type of beach, or should I say waves as the rest of this coastline. Yellow sand, huge waves! Today basse marée was a couple of hours away, however the red flags were flying – no bathing! The surfer dudes were out in force, along with a couple of paddle-boarders and jet-skiers. I decided to cycle up the coast to another area I could see on the map but again could just discern more red flags.  Oh well, no swimming, but maybe some paddling and of course skin scorching! Arrived at the entrance to the beach a short cycle later, along as usual a cycle track for most of the way. Hmm, what does that sign say? …

Say no more!

There were lots of family groups heading towards the beach so it couldn’t be that bad? And it wasn’t, most people were fully clothed with the exception of the normal topless girls and of course the old, fat, naked men! There were thankfully few of them and we were able to find a spot well away.

Nudist Beach Hossegor

Paddling was on and only a few of the waves reaching us were more than a couple of feet high. The drag of the water receding was something else. The sand is soft and before long my legs were buried half-way up my calves. Had to hold on to Jasmin to keep her upright. Skin scorched to a nice red shade we decided to go back to Hossegor Lac.  Another good plan because they have a managed bathing area.  Hossegor Lac is a bit of a misnomer as it was never a Lake. Originally an old estuary for the river Adour, which was moved from Capbreton to Bayonne, it is now fed by sea water via an artificial canal.  Nice swim for us both anyway.

Arrived back and was approached by an old’ish bloke (older than me anyway) who explained in broken English that he had moved my electrical hook-up from one post to another because his cable wouldn’t reach. Bit of a cheek I suppose, but no harm done as the fridge is still on, the beer is cold and one of the subjects is learning English!

Wildlife …

The pine forests around this part of France attract the Cicadas and within the fir trees of this Aire all that can be heard as soon as the sun is up is their ‘singing?’ A very loud mating call by the males which has scientists puzzled about how they can create the volume.  Never seen one yet as they are too high up.

Another Moth visitor who I have been trying to identify.  Guessing at some type of Carpet Moth as they are predominately white and black …

Carpet Moth?

Finally the new Gas arrangement …

Trying to find out on the Motorhome and Caravan forums what parts are needed to use French gas cylinders to replace 6 Kg UK tanks is a major exercise.  As I have mentioned before Gas cylinders are not standard across Europe, so you cannot get a UK one refilled. ‘Helpful’ comments from forum members such as “I wouldn’t buy a Motorhome that didn’t take 2 x 13 Kg tanks” just leads to nashing of teeth! For my Motorhome this appeared to be my only choice the 5.5 Kg La Cube …

New Gas setup

Au revoir




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