Bonjour mes amis

Realised that I hadn’t posted for a few days …

I am nearly fluid in French now.  I thought that would be useful in order to speak to our fellow British Aquitaine subjects. I was able to direct some of said people today and managed to slip in my new words “tout droit” (straight ahead).  Of course there was a little previous confusion with left and right!

We had a lovely dinner with Lauren and James at the Auberge du Soleil a few nights ago. The food is always very good, but as is normal in France you won’t get fat. I decided not to post the picture of Lauren trying to piggy-back James! (I must get a fancy phone that reverses the selfies!)

On the way back!

Cycled to E.Leclerc on Lundi for some essential provisions, Wine, Bread and Milk. However the weather was awful in the morning with some heavy showers and the cycleway was somewhat wet.  When I arrived back I hosed myself down outside with the bike!

We cycled to Vieux Boucau yesterday (Mardi) using a circular route, about 27 kilometres. Weather much nicer! Had Moules for lunch again and found very tiny crabs in some of the shells.  I wondered what the crunch was! The town was a little quieter than Bastille Day (see blog Bastille Day).

No foam pit!

Adventure today was my furthest SUP of the holiday – 3.81 kilometres up the small stream named “canal du moulin”, which translates to “Channel of the Mill”.

More balance and poise!

The first section up to a ‘pond’ is OK, but this year the ‘canal’ is very shallow and I had to carry the board several times.

Quiet Canal du Moulin

There is a small bridge en route which is usually fun to get under because I have to lay down on the board. Just made it due to shallow water.  This is one of the bridges we cycle across and where the handle bars just fit the gap!

Bridge on route

Only one mishap when the board got stuck and gave me a right jolt. This was at one of the few rocky areas and possibly where I gained this …


Nearly made it to the road (D50), but after I had passed one fallen tree I could see another further ahead and it had got shallow again.

1st Fallen Tree

Turned around and headed back, which is always nice as the current runs this way.  Once I had reached the main Lac needed my balance and poise again as the water was choppy due to the wind.  Such a difference between the canal and the lake.

Hope you can see the pictures OK. I have a Go-Pro clipped to the front of the board which shoots mp4, so ‘print-screen’ is the best way to get stills. I will have to investigate a more ‘professional’ method (without paying any money of course!).

Wildlife …

Cycled to Soustons this afternoon and met this beauty …

Elephant hawk-moth Caterpillar

I hope I get to see the adult!

Off to a barbecue with Lauren and James tonight and only a couple of days before we go off to Seignosse Océan.  We have abandoned the idea of getting the bus from Soustons to Dax as the walk to Soustons at a good pace takes 1 hour 20 minutes ( the sign at the start of the walk states 1 hour 45 minutes 🙂 ).  There is a bus stop in Seignosse Océan which is only a 20 minute walk from the Aire, so that sounds like the start of a journey plan. Ironically we will pass back through Soustons on the way!

Hossegor and Capbreton are both cycleable from Seignosse Océan.  Looking forward to it!

Au revoir



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