A quiet few days

Mixed bag of weather recently, some thunderstorms in the evening generated by the oppressive daytime heat, so very sunny and today cloudy.  Ventured to Messanges a couple of times now to the lovely beach. I’m not a great fan as my skin can only do about 20 minutes before the factor 50 goes on.  The other problem with the coastline around here, as I’ve mentioned before, is that this is a surfer’s paradise.  Crashing waves break right up the the beach. Hence getting into the water for a paddle is a ‘no-no’ and trying to get in for a swim is very tricky.  Much better than Vieux-Boucau where the waterline is more pebbly and once the wave hammers you into the beach it scrapes your skin off!

Messange Plage again

The impressive Coastguard Frontier tower in Messange, set back at least 400m from the beach …

Messange Coastguard Tower

Yesterday we decided to use the free bus to visit Messange.  It picks up at Azurivage and La Paillot before arriving at the Azur Marie.  Then off to Messange Centre Ville.  Great idea with one small flaw – the pick-up going back is two hours later and there are only three shops in the Ville.  So we decided another visit to the beach which is a 20 minute walk.  It was hot but I knew there was an Épicerie on the way.  There is, but they were shut for their 3 hour lunch-break.  Fortunately the bus on the way back starts at La Plage.

Wildlife …

We bought a bird feeder with the thought that we could watch the birds feed while we had breakfast.  Very common in the UK with some people erecting half-a-dozen and attracting the common song birds (chaffinch, sparrows, tits etc). The French birds are very ungrateful at this effort (maybe), with one Great Tit sneaking down for the bread we had put down to attract them.  To be honest we are surrounded by all types of deciduous and coniferous trees and there are very few birds around.  We hear and see the odd Great Tit and that is all.  Birds here just as common as Sparrows at home – Red Kites, Mallard Ducks and Grey Herons, are all attracted by the Lake.  I recall many years ago seeing in a bar in Paris a jar of pickled Starlings, but that seems to have faded away now.  The’re not up to mischief down this end of France are they????

However the insect front is more interesting as we have already seen.  Still not found a Cicada, but this did turn up today (nearly thumb size) …

Large Green Grasshopper

Followed by this …

Yellow Tailed Moth Caterpillar

The adult Moth is quite a stunner too!

Investigated the Bus journey from Soustons to Dax which is a large Town. The suggestion was that we could cycle to Soustons Bull Ring and lock our bikes in the cycle stand before catching the bus.  Checked out the bus stop to find that it has been suspended for a month and the alternate stop is over by the Halle des Sports some distance away with no cycle stand. Looks like a walk to Souston (about 1 hour plus)!!  As usual let you know how we get on with this.

Au revoir


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