Bastille Day – boo! hiss!

So we headed off to Vieux-Baucou to find a parking spot hopefully for the night.  I parked in the car park near the beach that I knew and the one Lauren recommended!  There was another ‘Rig’ in there but from Spain.  I was slightly suspicious that the place wasn’t packed.  After chatting to Lauren again moved to the car park up by the beach with views of the sea. That was when I saw the signs saying ‘No Parking for vehicles over 1.90m’.  OK back to the original car park as lunch approached.  Had a good look around the entrances to this car park and lo and behold ‘No Parking for vehicles over 1.90m’ signs at all entrances.  The only reason I hadn’t seen the one by the entrance that I entered by, was that some helpful person has turned it around!  OK no problem, I’ll head to to the Aire nearby and pay the €13 to park overnight. We had passed it on the way in and I knew it would be rammed but it had an card payable entry machine which would know if it was full.  Well I passed down the single lane entrance only to find a large notice on the machine stating that for foreign bank cards a minimum fee of €50 was charged.

European Community $%^&* !!!!  Brexit NOW!! I then had to reverse down the ‘alley’ onto the main road.

I drove back to our paid for site in Azur and went ‘SUPing’.

SUP’ing with balance and poise

Lauren saved the day, as Rockley were organizing a couple of 8-seater taxi’s home for their staff and kindly offered us the spare seats for the trip home.  Lauren drove us there (slightly fuming that someone had smashed their van window without owning up) and we would meet up that evening.  Tourist meal later (half the Moules shells were empty!) and a 1L pichet of rouge, time to go and find Lauren.


The Rockley gang were on the beach entertaining the waiting public, who were gathering for the firework display.  The Rockely team are a great bunch of people, full of fun, and as I mentioned, entertaining the watching crowd with ‘acrobatics’ and at one point some interesting ‘robot dancing’.  They also shared their beer with me which puts them in my ‘Awesome’ list!!

Rockley crowd on the beach

We wandered around closer to the dance stage (opposite where we had eaten earlier) and partied on until the fireworks.


A good display but …  are fireworks displays becoming ‘old hat’?  I was surprised that ‘La Marseillaise’ wasn’t sung afterwards?  Maybe the Royalist revolution is beginning?  Long Live the King (or Queen) of France!  This whole story about the rightful monarch of France is complicated.  You have the the “Legitimists” – descendants of the last Bourbon monarchy (e.g. Charles X established after Napoleon [Britains number one arch foe? and why Europe drive on the left!]), the “Orléanists” who would like to give the throne to the heir of Louis-Philippe who was given the crown after the 1830 revolution, and the “Bonapartists” supporters of the descendants of Bonaparte III (we would have to declare war on France if that ever happened!!).  I vote for the “Orléanists” as they don’t consider themselves as Gods like the Bourbons and are ‘Atlanticists’ (i.e., friendly towards the UK and the US), socially liberal, and favourable to free markets.

Anyway, as usual I digress,  a great night out saw the oldies in the foam pit with the kids (actually me, as Jasmin was worried we would be soaked – err Yes!!).

Foam pit shoes

We upped the average age considerably. Met up with the rest of the gang at 0100 hrs at the Vieux-Baucou bullring  (well less one who hitched to Soustons and walked from there) only to find out the Taxi’s were running 30 mins late.

Waiting for the taxi with emergency beer

Got back to Azurivage for the 10 minute walk back to our site and finished our cup of tea about 0300hrs.  Tired the next day!

Lazy day followed by an invite to a barbecue from Lauren and the Rockley gang. I was treated to some lovely pieces of Cabillaud – salt, pepper, lemon and herb des provincial.  Sport was watching the kids kick their footballs into the water, try to retrieve them by wading into the water before suddenly finding out that the shelf dropped off suddenly – no volunteers to swim even though the water was warm?

Today was a weather turner, hot again.  Cycled off to E.Leclerc for shopping, but as usual thought I was in ‘Le Tour’ and raced every moving thing back. Ready for the water when I returned.

So out with the inflatable 2-man kayak purchased from superior store ‘Groupon’ – NOT!  I don’t know why I persist in buying from there as everything is absolutely rubbish. Take note Lauren!!

Fortuitously I have a compressor so not too much effort to inflate and off we trot to the lake.  It floated quiet well until I got into it.  I should point out that although it is a ‘2-man’, Jasmin wasn’t keen to jump in before I had tested it! I tried the rear seat first which appeared to result in a certain amount of kayak folding and taking in of water. Much laughter from the bank.  Front seat was slightly better but maneuvering forward wasn’t an option.

Groupon Kayak

Pulled it back onto land only to be approached by a couple of non-English speaking Frenchies (don’t know if they were Royalist sympathisers or not as the conversation was about buoyancy?). They intimated that there was not enough air pressure to keep the kayak rigid and suggested more air from their pump.

“OK merci” I said, and proceeded to help them connect the pump.  Well the sign on the kayak states 0.03 bar which translates to about 0.5 PSI, in my mind that translates to a cheap piece of $%^&.  So we pumped it up to about 0.5 bar and it didn’t explode which was a miracle. No difference!  I’ll leave it for the grandkids when they come out.

Tomorrow may see the first (free) bus trip to Messange for a day at the beach.  As usual let you know how we get on.

Au revoir.



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